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Mrs. Lutz

Mrs. Lutz's Classroom Expectations

Welcome to English I, English II Keystone, English III, and English IV

Objectives: The students will be able to…

-read, understand, and identify the elements of a selected genre/work of literature

-respond to literature using details from the text to support ideas and make literary connections

-demonstrate how literary works reflect the historical contexts that shaped them

-evaluate a literary selection

-understand and apply new vocabulary terms

-understand and apply literary terms

-practice and apply grammar and usage rules in writing

-develop well-constructed written responses that include thesis, supporting details/examples, and conclusion


Materials Needed:

One subject notebook

Two pocket folder

Writing utensils



Tests 30%

Quizzes 20%

Writing 10%

Class participation 40%

Class Participation:

Class participation is an extremely important factor to being successful in English. Class work, board work, homework completion, daily materials preparation, remaining on task, respectful behavior and following directions are all factors of the class participation grade. Students start with a 100% for class participation. Points are deducted for not meeting the participation expectations. Students receive a mid-quarter and quarter participation grade. Once daily participation points are deducted, they cannot be earned back for the quarter. Participation points reset at 100% each quarter.

Daily Bell-ringer:

Students will be provided with a bell-ringer notebook. This notebook does NOT leave the classroom. Students are expected to enter the classroom at the beginning of the period, get his/her bell-ringer notebook from the assigned class basket, sit down quietly and begin the bell-ringer task on the board. Students must keep bell-ringer notebook open and be ready to go over the problem at the beginning of class. Students must return the bell-ringer notebook to the assigned class basket at the END of the period. Students may not get up in the middle of class to return notebook.

Behavior Expectations:


Students must have a school pass to leave the classroom. Students must sign out legibly in the sign-out book with date, name, place and time.


Students must come prepared with a writing utensil.


Students must respect themselves, peers, teachers, staff, administration, and school property at all times.


Electronic devices MUST be turned off, put away, and not visible/audible for the class period.

contact information:
phone: 570-348-3616
English I special education
English II Keystone special education
English III special education
English IV special education