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Mrs. Hopkins College Math-Period 2 - 9:20-10:07

Course Description

College Readiness Math consists of two college level math courses offered in partnership with Luzerne County Community College. The first semester will be a lab-based course where students will use the MyMathLab online system for all assignments. MAT050-Fundamentals of Arithmetic is designed to provide the student with basic computational skills; specifically addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Additional course content includes a review of ratio and proportion, percents, English and Metric Systems of Measurement, and basic geometric concepts. Second semester will align with MAT101-Survey of Mathematics, intended to meet minimum college requirements in mathematics, explores the role of mathematics in modern culture emphasizing techniques and applications in the social, natural, and management sciences, as well as those in technological fields. Topics studied include: number theory, set theory, logic, consumer math, geometry, graph theory, probability and statistics. Students will earn 3 credits from LCCC upon successful competition.

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