West Scranton High School

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West Scranton High School’s AP Physics class visits West Scranton Intermediate School

Members of West Scranton High School’s AP Physics class visited West Scranton Intermediate School on May 23rd to demonstrate various scientific principles to the science classes. Topics included momentum, magnetism, energy, chemical polarity, sound and waves, DNA and computer science. Whether extracting strawberry DNA, vibrating an oobleck fluid or staring down a swinging pendulum, students were presented with demonstrations to get them excited about science and technology. AP Physics students pictured: Milagros Cervantes, Isaiah Jolly, Emilia Doda, John Bugiada, Bailey Loureiro, Brenda Sodani, Adam Sprague, Joseph Rutkowski, Sam Goncalves, Austin Sowka, Evan Krysko, Adam Mehall and Jake Butka.