West Scranton High School

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Technology Club Balloon Launch

The West Scranton Technology Club and Physics classes successfully launched and retrieved a high altitude balloon on Monday, October 23rd. The balloon was launched at the Montour Preserve in Danville, PA and reached a height of over 118,000 feet (22 miles) before landing in a wooded area near Archbald, PA. Video and data were collected during the flight as temperatures dropped to -54°C on the balloon’s 100 mile trip. Tracking the balloon was achieved with radio and satellite tracking devices. Those students launching, tracking and retrieving the balloon were: Jimmy Greenfield, Serina Cosgrove, Daniel Ulrich, Zhi Xin Zou, Ryan Schmidt, Julia Montevechi, Lejdina Lluga, Rebecca Johnson, Gillian Williams-Mayers, Larry Kendricks, Kyrsten Belles, Jenny Vongmany, Briea Chazin, Sean Bell, Joshua Greenfield, Isaiah Jolly, Austin Cotton, Jack Fendrick, Shelby Neal, Steven Kyriazis, Thomas Morgan, Brandon Gregory, Naithyn Allert, Noah Anderson, Alyvia Janes, Michael Laabs, Kimberly Kovalcik, Vyvian Do. Dylan Smith (not pictured) stayed back at West to track and display the balloon's flight path to the student body and teachers.