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West Scranton High School Commemorates Red Ribbon Week

West Scranton High School Commemorates Red Ribbon Week


Students from West Scranton High School’s SADD club marked the celebration of Red Ribbon Week by decorating the front of the school.  Red ribbons are used as a message to the student body to avoid the harmful effects caused by making destructive decisions.  Red Ribbon week is celebrated yearly to commemorate a drug enforcement officer, Enrique "Kiki" Camerena, who was killed in Mexico in the war against illegal drugs.


Photo: Participants in Red Ribbon Week were:


Front row (left to right):

Naveah Hammond, Natalie Nowakowski, Maddie Anglin, Marissa Matteo, Emily Laabs, and Ava Decker


2nd Row (left to right):

Abby Walsh, Maeve Cast, Ashley Belles, Cassandra Barrios, Abbie O’Brien, Emily Tunis, Samantha Reese, and Ryan Sophabmixay


3rd Row (left to right):

Jillian Bennett, Francesca Mehl, Emily VanWert, Milagros Cervantes, Morgan Truskoloski, and Abby Tulaney


4th Row (left to right):

Collin Amaya, Drew Yanni, Jacob Rogers, Abby Barr, Emma Egan, Jessica Palauskas, Shelby Reese, Peyton Cook, and Brianna Strein


Back row (left to right):

JJ VanWert, Liz Pfohl, Kylee Camacho, Victor Lopez, Enzo Cicco, Adam Mehall, and Kathryn Leonard


The faculty advisor for West Scranton's SADD organization is Mrs. Maureen Walsh.