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Principal's Message

Welcome to West Scranton High School!


Invader Families and Students,

I hope this letter finds you and your families healthy and safe.  On behalf of the West Scranton High School Faculty and Staff, I want to welcome you back to the 2020-21 school year.  We are excited to get back to what we do best, teaching and learning!  I look forward to the moment when we can welcome our new and returning Invaders back to our school in-person.  Until then, we have been working hard to prepare for this online learning adventure which will begin on Tuesday, September 8th. 

I know you have many questions about what the start of the school year will look like and I would like to share the following details which should help address some of those questions.  We will be starting the year off on a full virtual schedule.  Virtual instruction will be a mix of live interaction (synchronous) and independent work (asynchronous).  Live sessions will be utilized to check-in with students, answer questions, identify instructional gaps, and provide interventions.  

Live lessons will follow an alternating day schedule.  We have identified them as “Blue” & “White” days. The schedule is posted on our school website.  If students cannot attend live sessions, they can watch the recorded sessions and complete the work on their own time.  They will not be penalized and will still receive credit for getting the work completed and considered to be in attendance. 


Every teacher, including all specialists, will develop and maintain daily relevant information in their own individual Google Classroom and include office hours and instructions for accessing virtual content.  This will serve as the learning management system for their class/course communications and daily feedback.


Student Online Expectations: Section 1

Behavioral Expectations

Student rules and standards extend past the natural boundaries of the Scranton School School District.  As the walls of West Scranton High School have been extended to homes, we would like to take this opportunity to underscore the behavioral and academic expectations for students during this time of online teaching and learning.


The Learning Environment

Students should attend class in an appropriate space for learning and one that limits distraction. A class should not be attended in bed. 

Since virtual learning will also be ASYNCHRONOUS, students may complete work and watch recorded lessons at any time day or night, as long as all deadlines for assignments are being met and adhered too.

Cell phones should be away; the television and/or music should be off.


Student Expectations: Section 2

Attendance Policy

In this virtual learning model, attendance will be based upon evidence that the student is working on the assigned tasks for each subject area during that specific day.  Class Attendance is mandatory and students are required to be completing all work assigned in a  timely manner and adhere to all deadlines set by their teachers. 

**If students cannot attend live sessions, they can watch the recorded sessions and complete the work on their own time.  They will not be penalized and will still receive credit for getting the work completed and considered to be in attendance. 


Attendance will be taken for every class period. Parents can monitor attendance using eschool plus through the Home Access Center (https://rb.gy/6m9m1x). 


Students/Parents that are experiencing any extenuating circumstances must reach out to the teacher first, then the building administrative team so appropriate accommodations can be made to enhance the online learning experience.  

Students are required to make contact with the teacher to gather any missed instruction and assignments due to their absence. 



Students should utilize a chromebook (currently being distributed) which has a microphone and camera on the device, and we recommend that a phone is NOT the form used for online learning, but will be acceptable if no other device is accessible at that time.

Students should use Google Chrome as a browser.



Students are required to check their Scranton School District email daily. 

Students must also accept the teacher invite into their google classroom.

Students and teachers will communicate using the district provided Google Suite/email with their teachers when there are questions.  Teachers will also be teaching live lessons that will be recorded minimally three (3) times per week per class.  These live lessons will be utilized to check in with students, answer questions, identify instructional gaps and provide student interventions. 

Students will only be permitted in a class if they are using their district provided email.  Any attempt to log in to a class using a personal email will result in the student being marked absent.

If a student fails to complete an assignment and there was no communication, then the student shall earn a failing grade for the assignment.

If technology is an issue for a particular day, particular class, then students or parents must email the teacher as soon as they know about the technology issue to inform staff, and at that time, a new deadline can be determined for any assignment.

Students should be actively engaged and communicative during the regularly scheduled class time (if applicable).

Students should also seek to communicate with their teachers during their scheduled office hours.


Class Participation:

Due dates and deadlines are to be firm, and if a student has not completed an assignment by the due date, then the student may earn a failing grade on any online assignment (including, but not limited to: homework, classwork, lab work, projects, group projects, quizzes, tests, formal/informal assessments.)

Students are expected to read all of the materials provided.

Students are expected to use the links provided in order to complete items that are assigned.

Students are expected to use chat features for responsible and respectful dialogue that enhances the class.

Students are expected to complete online and in-person assignments to the best of their ability.  All grades will “count” towards quarter grades and final grades.

Students should utilize teacher office hours to ask questions through Google Meet.

Students are expected to keep Google Meet Invitations confidential.

Students are expected to only enter the Google Meet in which they are rostered or invited by the teacher. Log in name should be the student name.

Students are expected to keep online interactions positive and constructive and in line with the class rules designed by their teacher.

Students are expected to maintain a school appropriate background. 

Inappropriate behavior can lead to that student being dismissed from the class which can negatively impact their grade. 

Students caught plagiarizing online material (copy and paste from another website) will have earned a zero for the assignment.

Students will be expected to have complete resources, notes and  materials when they return to the physical building at the completion of remote learning.


School Supplies:


Your student's teachers will let them know what school supplies are needed for each class when virtual learning begins.  We do not want to add any additional burden to our families at this time concerning supplies.  Please expect to receive additional communication in the days ahead about the start of school. 


We are all in this new online learning adventure together, but I have no doubt that our faculty and staff will rise to the challenge to make sure that we are putting our best foot forward for the education of our Invaders!  As always please follow our West Scranton High School web page, facebook, and twitter accounts for updates.


West Is Best!


Robert DeLuca