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Carol of the Bells with Tesla coils - 2016

Phoenix Sixto and Isaiah Jolly play the keyboards to drive musical Tesla coils during the West Scranton 2016 holiday concert

Cole Stetzar can't break and egg!

Even at 93 miles per hour, the impulse momentum theorem prevents Cole from breaking an egg!

A Star-Spangled Tesla Coil Tribute

Ryan Svetovich plays our national anthem on a Tesla Coil with his guitar.

Newton's 3rd law gives Kaitlyn a ride!

AP Physics class of 2014. Can an ordinary CO2 fire extinguisher act like a rocket? Let's find out!

A Tesla Coil Salute to the West Scranton Invaders Football Team

The Invaders brought home "The Bell" in 2016 and the Technology Club wanted to congratulate them with music and a little electricity courtesy of two Tesla coils. The Technology Club salutes the West Scranton Invaders Football Team for bringing home the bell. A high voltage Tesla Coil salute!

Fire in the hole!

Officer Carroll brings the Scranton Police Departments bomb disposal unit to West Scranton High School for a demonstration. May 2016.

Accept your fate!

Haunted Halls 2016 at West Scranton High School. A Russian sleep deprivation experiment, shock therapy with a Tesla Coil and a chain saw…good times!

Best Physics Rap Ever!

Awesome physics rap by Robert "Rocky" Cosmark and Kevan McHugh! Physics class of 2008-2009.