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Shannon Sheets » Welcome Students!

Welcome Students!

Hi everyone! Hope you are well and staying safe! Here you will find the links to my Google Classroom for Environmental Science, English 4 Core and Resource Room.  You should be checking your school district email daily for updates on what is being reviewed in these classes.   Please email me with any questions or concerns.
email:   shannon.sheets@ssdedu.org
Environmental Science 2nd Period with Mrs. Walsh
Google Classroom Code: llbvegs
Instructions: Please visit Google Classroom for review and enrichment activities.  Stay safe, miss seeing you all!
English 4 Core
Google Classroom Code: u2qhgdn
Please visit my Google Classroom for reminders and updates regarding our English 4 cyber class. Stay safe and think happy  thoughts, such as graduation :-)
Resource Room
Google Classroom Code:7okdzji
Please visit my Google Classroom for reminders and updates.