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Welcome to West Scranton High School, home of the Invaders! Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Scranton, PA community, our school has proudly served as a beacon of education and community spirit since its founding.

As Invaders, we're not just a student body; we are a family. Every individual in our halls is a unique, integral part of the diverse tapestry that makes up our school's rich history. From 9th grade, all the way through to your senior year, West Scranton High is a place where you'll be challenged and supported in equal measure.

Our mascot, the Invader, represents our school spirit and collective tenacity. As Invaders, we’re known for our determination, resilience, and the audacity to venture into the unknown in pursuit of knowledge, much like the way our community continues to push into new frontiers of academic and extracurricular excellence.

Our inclusive approach to education recognizes each student's potential, encouraging them to explore an array of academic disciplines and extracurricular activities. With a curriculum designed to foster intellectual, creative, and social growth, we prepare our students for a future where they can be confident, informed, and ready for the next steps in their academic journey and beyond.

At West Scranton High, learning extends beyond the classroom. Our students represent our school with pride, whether through spirited athletic competition, community volunteerism, or any of the diverse clubs and organizations that meet after school. We celebrate the achievements of our students and staff alike, recognizing that success in any form strengthens our school and community.

We believe in the importance of connection. That's why our educators are more than teachers; they're mentors, dedicated to guiding our students through the formative years of high school. Our administrative staff are equally invested in your well-being and success, providing support, resources, and encouragement every step of the way.

Our school is more than a building; it's a community tradition, upheld by generations of students and staff, all of whom have contributed to the legacy of West Scranton High School. We honor this legacy by continuing to cultivate a school environment that is safe, welcoming, and conducive to the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Whether you're stepping into our halls for the first time or you're a returning student, we're excited for you to be a part of the ongoing story of West Scranton High. Together, as Invaders, we will continue to build on the proud history of our school, embracing the diversity, spirit, and strengths of each other.

Welcome to the family!